Recently I started noticing this irritating message (repeated multiple times) in my NetBeans Glassfish Application Server log. The message is triggered by Glassfish start up and on application deployment.

SEC5046: Audit: Authentication refused for [admin].
Web login failed: Login failed: Failed file login for admin.

It annoys me because when I installed NetBeans, I specified my own admin password for Glassfish (instead of the default admin/adminadmin). Later when starting the Glassfish server through NetBeans, it prompts me for my password and I supply it yet stubbornly this message continues to appear in my log. What the hell NetBeans?

So I’ll admit I ignored it for a while.

Today, I fixed it. I simply went into the Glassfish admin console (http://localhost:4848) and changed the Administrator’s password to the one specified during NetBeans installation. I restarted Glassfish and what do you know the message is no more.